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  • Slewing speed 10 sec/ 360°
  • Transport speed (max) 2.1 km/h; 0.6 m/s; 1.3 mph
  • Incline angle (max) 30°

Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic system capacity 80 l; 21.1 US gal
  • Pump type Variable load-sensing piston pump
  • System pressure 17.5 MPa; 2538 psi (increased to attachment: 25 MPa; 3626psi)
  • Pump flow (max) 50Hz 62 l/min; 16.4 US gal/min 60Hz 74 l/min; 19.7 US gal/min

Electric Motor

  • Type ABB
  • Output 18 kW
  • Current 38 A

Starting Device

  • Starting device Soft/direct start
  • Control type Portable control box
  • Signal code Digital
  • Transfer Cable/radio


  • Base weight (exc. attachments) 1600kg; 3527 lbs
  • Recommended max. attachment weight 270kg; 595 lbs


  • Sound power level LWA 85.8 dB(A)
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Brokk Controlled Demolition DON'T LET THE SIZE FOOL YOU.

The Brokk 160 is a giant leap forward when it comes to small size and impressive strength. This lightweight, remote-controlled demolition machine and its power-packed electric motor, hits frighteningly hard (over 406 joules at the tip). As with our complete line of remote demolition machines, safety is the first design priority. The Brokk 160's state-of-the-art digital remote control takes the Brokk 160 Goes Anywhere The new BROKK 160 is the latest and most advanced machine to come from BROKK and will fill the gap between the Brokk 90 and the Brokk 180. Weighing only 1600Kg in its basic configuration it is 400Kg lighter than the BROKK 180, which makes it perfect for running over suspended floors.


Its footprint can be reduced to 780mm in width allowing access through standard doorways, corridors and into lifts. The Brokk 160 can also climb stairs Brokk 160 Power where you need it The Brokk 160 comes with a powerful 18.5KW motor and a three part hydraulic arm system that can reach 4.8metres high. Its powerful Concrete cruncher's can crunch concrete up to 420mm thick The BROKK 160 has a 360 degree turning circle