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  • Slewing speed 20 sec/360°
  • Transport speed, max. 3.4 km/tim; 0.95 m/s; 2.1 mph
  • Incline angle, max. 30°

Hydraulic system

  • Hydraulic system capacity 130 l; 34.3 US gal
  • Pump type Variable load-sensing piston pump
  • System pressure 17 MPa; 2465 psi (increased to attachment: 22 MPa 3143 psi)
  • Pump flow (max) 130 l/min; 34.3 US gal/min

Diesel performance

  • Type Four-cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke engine
  • Output at 2600 rpm (SAE J1995) 74 kW; 99.2 hp
  • Fuel tank capacity 80 l; 21,1 US gal
  • Engine oil volume with and without filter change 13.2 l; 3.49 US gal
  • Coolant volume 10 l; 2.67 US gal
  • Freezing point -40ºC; 104ºF

Starting Device

  • Control type Portable control box
  • Signal code Digital
  • Transfer Cable/Radio


  • Weight of base machine excl. attachment 5,500 kg; 12,125 lbs
  • Recommended max. attachment weight 600 kg; 1,323 lbs

Noise level

  • Sound power level LWA 100 dB(A)
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The bigger, stronger and faster demolition robot, Brokk 400D, is yet another impressive step forward for diesel-driven demolition machines. Perfect for heavy-duty demolition in places that lack power supply. It outperforms conventional excavators several times heavier with both its breaking power and the ability to get into tight spaces.

The Brokk 400D offers an array of new advantages to the Brokk family. It is the fastest Brokk machine ever, more than 60% faster than other Brokk machines, making it quick and easy to move between work stations or travel longer distances. And the speedier movements increases productivity once at the work site. The Brokk 400D features a new, powerful diesel engine, as well as a new undercarriage design that provides an even greater machine stability. To top it all off, the Brokk 400D has longer reach, carries heavier tools and delivers a mighty punch with the bigger hammer that has the potential to even outshine its electric sibling.