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  • Slewing speed 8 sec/245°
  • Transport speed (max) 2.6 km/h; 0.8 m/s; 1.6mph
  • Incline angle (max) 30

Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic system capacity 35 l; 9.2 US gal
  • Pump type Gear pump with fixed displacement
  • System pressure 16.5 MPa; 2393 psi
  • Pump flow (max) 60Hz 40 l/min; 10.6 US gal/min

Electric Motor

  • Type AAB
  • Output 11 kW
  • Current 22 A

Starting Device

  • Starting device Soft/direct start
  • Control type Portable control box
  • Signal code Digital
  • Transfer Cable/radio


  • Base weight (exc. attachments) 1015kg; 2238 lbs
  • Recommended max. attachment weight 150kg ; 331 lbs


  • Sound power level LWA 86 dB(A)
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Weighing only 980kg in its basic configuration, the Brokk 90 is small light and mobile enough to give you power in places you never thought possible. You can roll it across floors in homes, take it from floor to floor in an ordinary lift - and it just loves to climb stairs. Its small footprint means it can get through any standard doorway and into basements, larger bathrooms - in fact, it can get into almost any room where a powerful, labour-saving tool might be needed.

The Brokk 90 is of course fitted with a tool from the broad range of demolition attachments available. Power Where You Need It The Brokk 90 couples a compact chassis and undercarriage with a powerful 11 KW electric motor which gives off little to no noise and a three-part hydraulic arm system that has the reach of a full 3.6 m. The result is a machine that’s light and mobile enough for residential sites, but powerful enough for more heavy duty commercial and industrial jobs.