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  • lower operating costs in electric mode
  • no additional maintenance required on the electric motor
  • tool free access to the diesel engine service points
  • switch on/off with ignition key
  • power adjustment via throttle
  • automatic switch to electric-mode when cable connected
  • high utilization - as machine works in all areas.
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Electric mini digger TB216, 1.9 tonne as an alternative to diesel-only powered options.

A compact machine packed full of proven Takeuchi features.

The flexible  high voltage connection point is  positioned at the back of the machine and allows for a 100% emission-free use with full functionality and increased performance.

The original diesel engine remains intact so this hybrid can still be used in a conventional way, simply switch to diesel when in travel mode.

Lightweight and compact in size the electric mini digger is ideal for the operator requiring trailer towing.

A powerful and stable ground breakout force makes the TB216 a preferred excavator choice on-site.

The unique hydraulically extendable track system adds greater stability to its working depth of 2,375 mm.

An ideal machine for landscapers, contractors, utilities, tool and plant hire companies


100% steel wraparound, vandal protected, lockable fuel tank and engine hood - easy access for service and SafeDrain.
Expandable track frame – added track width gives greater operating stability, narrow track width gets electric mini digger through narrow access areas.
Simple operating – the TB216 is regarded as a safe, smooth easy to use mini excavator for any level of operator. Hand and foot controls along with a cushioned main boom and swing cylinders provides maximum operator comfort


  • * 1,660 kg(Canopy)/ 1,800kg(Cab) operating weight
  • * 2,375 mm dig depth
  • * 2845mm dump height
  • * 3695mm ground reach
  • * 9 kW engine
  • * Two speed travel
  • * Hydraulic track width adjuster
  • * Servo controls